September 27, 2004

PRESENT: Ed LeBlanc, Keith Harris, Jim Trask,

ABSENT: Chris L’Heureux

OTHERS PRESENT: Jim Roberts, Dayton School Board, Union 7 Superintendent

Selectman Ed LeBlanc declared the meeting open at 19:00




1. Letters went out last Wednesday September 29, 2004 to both parties that bid on the Town Garage.

2. School Board says that the portable not being used isn’t in the way and can stay where it is

3. School portable’s plumbing is almost done; they should be done by Friday.

4. There were some electrical problems found at the portable and Jim Roberts says that they will be fixed.

5. Mike Souliere has the culverts for the Hollis Road and will be calling dig safe to get the road marked and then start on them.


1. Palesky impact was discussed with the School Board, best case scenario would be a $400,000 cut, Ed wants the Selectmen to come up with a way to cut $150,000 and the rest cut by the School Board. He wants each group to come up with idea’s and meet again on October 11 2204 at 7pm and hold an informational public hearing on October 26th 2004 at 6:30 in the All Purpose Room at the School.


1. None


1. None


Motion by Keith Harris and seconded by Ed Leblanc to adjourn at 21:00

*Minutes may not be verbatim they may have been paraphrased for clarity.


_________________________Ed LeBlanc (Chairperson)

_________________________Keith Harris

_________________________Jim Trask