Dayton Planning Board

December 17, 2013


Present: Dick Hall (acting Chair), Remi Caron, Dan Plourde, John Boissonnault, Valerie Cole (Alt)

Town Employees Present: Jim Roberts (CEO)

Public: Rick Ahearn, David Dunn


Administrative: Dan Plourde motioned to accept the December 3, 2013 minutes, and John Boissonnault seconded. All voted in favor.


New Business:

RICK AHEARN, LOT NEAR COOK’S BROOK SUBDIVISION: Rick Ahearn owns a large piece of property near Cook’s Brook subdivision (Tax Map 1, Lot 5.). He would like to break off and sell a piece that is located on Juniper Lane (This would be Lot 38.) However, this action, following the decision of the Planning Board in October 2012 to declare Lot 27A as a buildable lot, would have the effect of creating a three-lot subdivision. This was discovered during a title search. Mr. Ahearn sold Lot 27A during the previous year. Apparently it was never recorded as a separate lot. Mr. Ahearn’s legal counsel has advised him to request the Planning Board to amend the Cook’s Brook subdivision so that he is not in violation of the five-year rule.


Jim Roberts noted that whether the Planning Board decides to amend the subdivision or require Mr. Ahearn to file an application for a three-lot subdivision, the matter still needs to undergo the review process.


Mr. Ahearn gave an application and a test pit log to the Board.


Board members decided to get legal counsel before taking further action. Jim Roberts will contact town attorney David Ordway. The Planning Board will notify abutters that the matter will be under discussion at the next meeting on Tuesday, January 7, 2014. At that time the Board intends to determine whether an amendment or a subdivision application is appropriate.


Dan Plourde motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:25 PM. John Boissonnault seconded and all voted in favor. The next meeting will be Tuesday, January 7, 2014, 7:00 PM at Town Hall.




Valerie J. Cole, Secretary



Rand Clark, Chair

COPIES TO: Jim Roberts, Code Enforcement Officer; Selectmen; and Tax Assessor