November 08, 2004

PRESENT: Ed LeBlanc, Keith Harris, Jim Trask, Chris L’Heureux,


OTHERS PRESENT: Jim Roberts, Ted Poirier, M. Souliere,

Selectman Ed LeBlanc declared the meeting open at 19:00




1. Letter received by Omer Gagnon re: Relocating the entrance to Buda Road as it was discussed in the conditional use permit for Dearborn gravel pit. He believes that there has been neglect on behalf of the planning board on this issue. This issue was discussed at length, it was decided that not commitment was made at to where to relocate it to at the hearings, it is a planning board issue and a copy of the letter was sent to them. (copy attached to these minutes)


1. Ed advised the Board that we are having issues with Gerard Plumbing, He states that Union 7 did not have a signed contract with Gerard plumbing and now there seems to be substantial overages. He doesn’t know the exact figure yet Skip Cushman called him today to advise him, Ed is going to meet with Skip and get the details, and report back to the Board.

2. Ed stated now that the Palesky Tax Cap has been defeated it is time to get working on hiring a part time Assessor, Work on the Tax Clerk position, and possibly an addition to the Town Hall. All Selectmen were in agreement to work on these projects for the last half of the year. A building committee will be formed by Ed LeBlanc to investigate this.

3. Ed will work with Skip Cushman on the Portable that the Town owns that is not being used to discuss what to do with it, questions were raised about selling this, Ed will discuss this with Skip Cushman.


1. Minutes of the November 01, 2004 Selectmen’s Meeting

2. Municipal Quick Claim Deed without Covenant to release all lien’s on the Rita J. Williams property at 543 Hill Road in Dayton Map 3 Lot 43I Payment has been received to pay taxes up to date by Smith Elliott Smith & Garmey, P.A.


1. Zoning Board of Appeals Public Hearing Tuesday November 9, 2004 at 7pm.


Motion by Keith Harris and seconded by Ed Leblanc to adjourn at 20:00

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_________________________Ed LeBlanc (Chairperson)

_________________________Keith Harris

_________________________Jim Trask