Dayton Planning Board

March 16, 2010


Members Present: Remi Caron, Dick Hall, Dan Plourde, Valerie Cole (Alt.)


Others Present: Jim Roberts (CEO), Bob Gashlin (US Cellular)



Dick Hall motioned to approve the February 16, 2010 minutes, Dan Plourde second, all voted in favor.


Old Business: None discussed.


New Business:

US CELLULAR MICROWAVE DISH: Mr. Gashlin, representing US Cellular, approached the Board about installing a microwave dish on the Tardiff Lane cellular tower. Currently US Cellular has problems with reception in the area. He explained how towers communicate with each other, either through fiber (which is preferred and most reliable) or through microwave dishes. The US Cellular network in this area does not consist of all fiber yet, and US Cellular would like to install a three-foot microwave dish for a maximum of eighteen months to improve reception while other towers are built or refitted. US Cellular does not intend to extend the tower or add additional equipment to the compound. Mr. Gashlin provided the Board with a site plan and a spec sheet. The company proposes to put the dish at 158 feet.


Dick Hall noted that one of the conditions on the permit for the original tower was that there would be no microwave dishes. He also pointed out that the spec sheet says there is a flash, and the original conditions do not allow lighting. Mr. Gashlin stated that the unit does not need to be lit and the company would be agreeable to that being a condition on the permit.


Members expressed concern because the original conditions of the 2004 cell tower permit prohibit microwave dishes. In the interest of allowing abutters to express their opinions, it was decided to hold a public hearing on Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 at 7:00 PM.


The meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM.




Valerie J. Cole, Secretary



Remi Caron, Chair

COPIES TO: Jim Roberts, Code Enforcement Officer; Selectmen; and Tax Assessor