August 02, 2004

PRESENT: Ed LeBlanc, Keith Harris, Chris L’Heureux,

ABSENT: Jim Trask,

OTHERS PRESENT: Jim Roberts, M, Souliere, T. Poirier,

Selectman Ed LeBlanc declared the meeting open at 19:00




1. Dyer Road Culvert, Keith spoke to Hollis and stated that the bids they got were really high and the Town of Hollis believes they can get it done cheaper on their own. They will keep us posted. Ed LeBlanc stated that since we have a Road Commissioner he should follow up with the Hollis Road Commissioner. Mike stated that he would do that.

2. No update on Workers Comp Policy due to Jim Trask being on a vacation for a month we will get an update as soon as he gets back.

3. Abatement Letters, Ed has contacted our Legal Council and she will be working on that as soon as she can.

4. School Building so far everything is going well and at budget at this time, but plumbing bids are still out. It will be close and some monies may have to come from other accounts, due to equipment upgrades that also need to be done (phone system, fire alarm etc) but it will be discussed when it comes. Motion by Keith Harris 2nd by Ed LeBlanc to have Ted Poirier remove the retaining wall for the cost of $1,200. Ted asked it he could buy the PVC fencing that is on top of it. He was willing to pay $700.00 for it. Motion amended to include selling the fencing to Ted Poirier for $700 Passed 2/0

5. General Assistance is getting out of control. It needs to be worked on. Ed will hold a workshop meeting when Jim Trask gets back to work on the Town’s GA Policy.

6. Maxine ( Our Lawyer) has written up a bid proposal for the Town Garage, it will be placed on hold till Jim Trask returns so a full Board is here to vote on it. See attached letter.

7. Another bill was received from BH2M for filling out the paper work to the state for reimbursement. Ed said he would discuss it will Bill Thompson on Thursday night. Bid pack was looked at and there were some question’s raised. Ed stated that it will be discussed next week.


1. Letter was drafted and signed for Domain Registration with a .gov services. (letter attached)

2. Meeting went into Executive Session at 20:15to discuss a GA case. Meeting back to order at 20:38

3. Next Ten Town group meeting will be August 16th at 7pm at the Waterboro Town Hall, and by that meeting they ask the Town’s selectmen to take a vote as to the Selectmen’s position on the Palaski Plan.


1. Minutes of the BOS meeting July 26, 2004

2. .gov Domain Registration letter.


1. Next Ten Town group meeting will be August 16th at 7pm at the Waterboro Town Hall.


Motion by Keith Harris and seconded by Ed Leblanc to adjourn at 21:00

*Minutes may not be verbatim they may have been paraphrased for clarity.


_________________________Ed LeBlanc (Chairperson)

_________________________Keith Harris

_________________________Jim Trask