September 20, 2004

PRESENT: Ed LeBlanc, Keith Harris, Jim Trask, Chris L’Heureux,


OTHERS PRESENT: Jim Roberts, T. Poirier, Mike Souliere, P. Poirier

Selectman Ed LeBlanc declared the meeting open at 19:00




1. Opening of Bids for the Town Garage was done at 19:05

A. 1st bid was from Dayton Sand and Gravel, it meets all requirements for bidding, and bid is $25,000, Lot proposal is for adding the land to the Dayton Sand and Gravel Co. and cleaning up of the existing lot, with removal of the buildings that are there now,

B. 2nd bid was from M. B. Enterprises LLC, it meets all the requirements for bidding, and bid is $20,001, Lot proposal is for storage of their concrete form equipment for their business, Buildings would be fixed up or replaced, and cleaning up of lot.

C. Discussion was held on the two bids received; Motion by Keith Harris 2nd Ed LeBlanc by to accept the highest bid and for no other reason than being the highest bidder. Monies to go into the Land Account per motion at Town Meeting. Letters to be sent to both Bidders.

2. Ed spoke to Union 7 and the School Board about the Workers Comp Policy, Dennis stated that there may not be any refund available to us. They will keep us posted as they will continue to investigate.

3. Harassment Plan Ed is working on it has parts of the plan in hand he needs to go over it and will give us more of an update next week.

4. School Building; Ed spoke with Skip re: getting us copies of all bills that are being paid from Union 7 directly. Skip also stated we are currently $14,421 over budget, and that will be coming out of school regular budget. Out of the Towns Capital Improvement Account they want to use some of that money for the paving of the new U driveway and walk ways, Playground work, and improvements into the old school. (adding handicap bathroom and window in office) Ed will get prices on these projects so the selectmen can approve.

5. Palesky impact for they Town of Dayton; a sheet was handed out that had been prepared by MMA which shows the Town of Dayton would loose between $500,000 to 1.2 million. Selectmen discussed at length and scheduled a workshop meeting with the School Board for Monday September 26, 2004.


1. Paul Poirier from Poirier Excavating (Snow Plow Contractor) was in; he has put up a sand/salt containment area up on Rumery Road for the purpose of sand/salt for Towns people. The containment drum needs a roof over it, Paul will get us some prices and let us know what it would cost us to construct something. He will also move the salt/ sand from the old Town Garage to the new Salt Shed, Paul also mentioned that he needs to have the light fixed at the Salt Shed; Ed stated he would get someone to do it. Paul also stated he will put a pad lock on the man door at the Salt shed due to people keep entering and jimmying the lock. Ed stated ok as long as we have keys at the Town Office, Paul stated he would do that.

2. The School has requested using the Town owned Portable until construction of the new portable is done. Discussion was held on this and it was decided that if it was going to be used it would need electricity and fire alarms hooked back up and should not be used until.


1. Bills since last Warrant

2. Warrant #6


1. Workshop at next Selectmen’s meeting on the Palesky Plan.


Motion by Keith Harris and seconded by Ed Leblanc to adjourn at 21:00

*Minutes may not be verbatim they may have been paraphrased for clarity.


_________________________Ed LeBlanc (Chairperson)

_________________________Keith Harris

_________________________Jim Trask