April 12, 2004

PRESENT: Ed LeBlanc, Jim Trask, Chris L’Heureux,

ABSENT: Keith Harris,

OTHERS PRESENT: Jim Roberts, D. Robinson, Mark Mooers, Bud Waycott (Saco Construction)

~Selectman Ed LeBlanc declared the meeting open at 19:00


~APPOINTMENTS: 1.Ron Wormward to the Alternate Position on the Planning Board.


1. Jim Trask hasn’t contacted the Workers’ Comp Company yet but will do it this week and have a report for the Board next meeting.

2. Town Warrant for this years Town Meeting was presented to the Selectmen: was reviewed, Motion by Jim Trask 2nd by Ed LeBlanc to accept Town Warrant as presented. Passed 2/0 ( copy attached)

3. Ed LeBlanc stated that the Town has gotten a letter from the insurance company re our not having a proper Sexual Abuse policy. Ed stated that he is working with MMA and that we will have a workshop to work on this policy and get the required training and the school’s policy’s will be reviewed at the same time. But at this time the town will not be covered for these types of claims at this time. An appeal has been made to get these claims covered while we are working on the situation.


1. Robert Paradis was in requesting a speed limit sign or a children playing sign on the Mast Road. He stated that the Lyman portion of the road is 25mph. Ed LeBlanc stated since Lyman portion is posted at 25mph we can extend that to the Dayton portion of the road without going through DOT approval. Selectman Ed LeBlanc stated that they would take care of it.

2. Ed LeBlanc stated that there was an incidence at the Town Office on Thursday night with a residence and the Employee’s that were here were scared. Ed stated that he would talk to the Assessors and if no male is present that they will have to call the selectmen and the selectmen will find a male to be in the office.

3. Ron Wormward came in due to his interest in the alternate position on the Planning Board, Motion made by Jim Trask 2nd by Ed LeBlanc to appoint him to this position. Passed 2/0

4. Bud Waycott came in requesting the Selectmen to help him with a land dispute he has, he has a right of way over the land but when he went there to survey he was thrown off the land. Selectmen Ed LeBlanc stated that he believed that this is a civil matter and there is nothing he can do he will confirm it is a civil matter with the Town’s Lawyer, and if not he will let him know but if he doesn’t hear from the Town then it is a civil case and the town cannot help.

5. Mark Mooers came in and presented the Selectman with the culvert survey of the Height Road that he did for the Road Committee. In the section that is going to be repaved this year there are 11 that section of the road. Looks like 4 culverts that will need to be replaced. Chris L’Heureux will work on the bid packets and have ready for next Monday.

6. Motion by Jim Trask 2nd by Ed LeBlanc to have Jim Roberts and Chris L’Heureux get the Town Web Site up and running using the company Virtual Town Hall. Passed 2/0

7. Jim Trask mentioned that when Article 35 passes a copy needs to be sent to MMA so they know that is has been approved by the Voters of the Town.


1. Bills received since the last warrant.

2. Warrant #21

3. Minutes of BOS meetings March 29th and April 5th 2004.


1. Town Elections June 8th

2. Town Meeting June 11th at 1900


Motion by Jim Trask and seconded by Ed Leblanc to adjourn at 20:45

*Minutes may not be verbatim they may have been paraphrased for clarity.


_________________________Ed LeBlanc (Chairperson)

_________________________Keith Harris

_________________________Jim Trask