Welcome to the Town of Dayton Animal Control Officer Page.  We will try to put all information on here that you will need.  If you have questions or can not find an answer please contact us.  The Town of Dayton has an Animal Control Ordinance, that was adopted by town vote in 2010. By law all dogs need to be registered by January 31st of each year.  Any stray animals that are picked up by the Dayton Animal Control Officer will be transported to the West Kennebunk Animal Shelter
     If you are unable to make it into the office to register your dog re-registration is available on-line through the State of Maine Website.
        Maine Hunting and fishing licenses are also available on-line the IF&W Website.
July 12, 2017  - The Town has two cases of animal rabies in a raccoon.  Please see the rabies fact sheet for more information.