The Town offers many services that can be done online or over the phone.  Please take advantage of the online services or give us a call.  Our normal business hours are Monday 12-6, Wednesday 8-3 and Thursday 12-7.

Tax Collector, Yvonne Shaw - 499-7526 ext. 102 or

Real estate & personal property taxes information and to pay bills.

Renew Vehicle & Trailer Registration

New Vehicle & Trailer Registration

Assessor, Shirley Bartlett - 499-7526 ext. 103 or

Tax cards & other information access information online

Town Clerk, Jennifer Thibeau - 499-7526 ext. 101 or

License your Dog

Request Vital Record (Marriage, Birth, Death Record)

Obtain Hunting & Fishing License

Code Enforcement, Jim Roberts - 499-7526 ext. 104 or or 286-7278

Forms online

General Assistance - 499-7526 ext. 102 

Treasurer/Selectmen Clerk, Catherine Fisher - 499-7526 option 105 or