Transfer Station

Location:  Rumery Road, Dayton, ME 


Every  Saturday   8am - 1pm

Every Sunday May 1st to October 31st 9:00-1:00

Recycling Bins are available at the transfer station for residents, proof of residency is required

 A  permit is required to bring waste to the transfer station.  Permits are available at the Town Clerks office.  There is a $40.00 fee for the permit, and this allows residents to dispose of 3 cubic yards of trash.




Couches small     $20.00
Couches large $25.00
Stuffed chairs $15.00
Tires - car & small pick-up $10.00
Tires - large $15.00
Freon items/air conditioners $27.00
TV $20.00
Console TV $45.00
Microwaves $10.00
Toilets $  3.00
Propane Tank - small $13.00
Propane Tank - large $25.00
Monitors (17" or less) $20.00

Desktop copiers/printer, scanner, fax machine


Floor copiers/printers $45.00
CPU's and laptops $  5.00
Other computer peripherals (keyboard,mouse, speakers) $  5.00
UPS's (battery backup systems) $12.00
All straight Fluorescent lites (uncoated)


All straight Fluorescent lites (coated)




Dayton Residents can dispose of zero-sort recyclables at the Transfer Station. 
Paper and cardboard
Newspapers, magazines, paper bags, residential mixed paper, telephone books, directories, corrugated cardboard, cereal boxes, cracker boxes, egg cartons, office paper and opened mail.

* Please flatten all boxes
* Please reduce all cardboard to no larger than 3' by 3'

Bottles and Cans
Steel cans (food, aerosol, etc.), aluminum cans, sheets and foil, glass jars and bottles, clear and colored plastic bottles and jugs.

Paper & cardboard with heavy plastic attached (window envelopes are OK
Soiled paper products, such as pizza boxes, paper plates or paper cups
Disposable paper products, even if clean
Tissue paper
Paper towels
Waxed paper or waxed cardboard
Plastic takeout or food containers
Plastic bags
Plastic packaging or packing materials
Styrofoam of any type
Any container that held a hazardous substance
Porcelain, ceramics or mirrors
Windows, ovenware, lightbulbs